The Little Patriot From Padua (1915)

The Little Patriot From Padua (1915)

On a ship bound for Genoa there is a boy in rags is a small Padua, who was sold by his parents to a company of acrobats and had been forced, in order to feed themselves, to do all the work in the circus. Now, escaped during a stopover in Barcelona, ​​the Italian consul had returned. Pity and even curious, some foreign travelers have the boy, who retired in his bunk, he dreams of a decent meal, a new jacket and bring the rest of the money to parents so poor that it had to sell. But when by chance he feels that those travelers, chatting with each other, gossiping about Italy and the Italians, do not hesitate to throw my money in my face, shouting not to accept alms from those who insults my country.

Release: November 21, 1915

Duration: 20 Min



Subtitles: English